ARC 642 Architectural Theory and Design Research

Documenting the research, thoughts, and potential conclusion on the role of architectural imagery through past, present, and futures.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 4 - Ranciere Reference


  1. In Ranciere's The Pensive Image, pensiveness is described as a passive reaction someone has towards an image, suspended between various "formal artistic operations". The lower image could be considered pensive if it provokes a curious series of thoughts, but nothing too powerful. However, in its cinematographic setting (when acknowledged, recognized in its context of Inception, studium) then its power of suspension crystallizes and evokes a strong response (punctum), the result of which would not be considered pensive by Ranciere's terms.

  2. This is interesting when you think about how film will continue to affect Architecture. Or do we now need to design architecture that encompasses the philosophy of films? Interesting.